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Launched in 2008, Cow Horse Productions (CHP) is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the traditions and art-in-handling of the working ranch cowboy, both in and out of the arena. Our featured production, "The Ride with Cord McCoy" aired on RFD-TV for 2 season. "The Ride with Cord McCoy" traveled to some of the most famous ranch locations, arenas, and events throughout the country and took a creative look at time-honored disciplines such as reining, roping, cutting, and fence work, mounted shooting and more. Mastering these critical skills has long been essential to the success of the traditional, as well as, modern-day working ranch cowboy.



Watch Past Episodes of the 2013 and 2014 Seasons of "The Ride with Cord McCoy"


We are working on getting past episodes of 2013 and 2014 Seasons of "The Ride with Cord McCoy" up on YouTube (find the videos below). Please check back as we add new episodes to the lineup!



2013 Season


Meet Cord McCoy in his second season as the host of The Ride. In this new episode, we visit the McCoy Ranch in Tupelo, Oklahoma, and talk with Cord's family.  
In this episode of "The Ride with Cord McCoy," Cord gives you an inside look at the bucking bull business and takes you behind the scenes at a bull riding event.  
Cord participates in the J.W. Hart PBR Challenge bull-riding competition in Decateur, Texas. Not only will you see some world-class bull riding but also during the Challenge, 5 soldiers were recognized and rewarded for their service and sacrifices. "The Ride" cameras caught the touching presentation that offers surprises for all.  
Cord visits with his long-time friend, Ross Coleman, a tough-as-nails retired bullrider, and his family.  
To develop a world champion bucking bull, it takes strong genetics and a little technological savvy. Cord McCoy, a champion cowboy, reality TV star and host of The Ride, also raises bucking bulls, she he has the opportunity to take viewers on the ride while he tries to take genetics from world champion bucking bulls Asteroid, Bushwhacker and Shepherd Hills Tested and mixes them with some of his proven momma cows.  
Joe Howard Williamson is many things to many people, but most of all, he's a cowboy. During the July 29 episode of "The Ride with Cord McCoy," editors and producers of the show allow Williamson to be the storyteller he is, too.  
The story of Lane Frost is one that was told in the movie "8 Seconds," but there's so much to the life and death of one of rodeo's truest legends. His fans will get to see that in the Aug. 5 episode of "The Ride with Cord McCoy," which airs at 1 and 11 p.m. Eastern on Monday on RFD-TV. McCoy visits with Frost's parents, Clyde and Elsie, as well as others who were close to the cowboy. Now 24 years after his death, Lane Frost's life is still impacting others' lives.  
How do livestock producers find the next generation of great animal athletes? They develop them through strong genetics and the training and nutrition it takes to be the next superstar. They get to test that talent against other great bucking bulls during the American Heritage, an ABBI-produced event that pays out about $400,000 during its competition in June. This show is filled with brilliant footage and insightful interviews.  
Cord visits with top high school rodeo competitors at the IFYR. Shawnee, OK.  
What Dell Hendricks can do with a reining horse is spectacular. He's the top trainer in the sport, and his Hendricks Reining complex features top-quality animals. Hendricks is featured in this episode of "The Ride with Cord McCoy."  
Those interested in the world of reining horses tend to find themselves in north Texas, and there's a good reason behind that. It's home to some of the greatest training complexes in the world and hundreds of the top horses. In this episode, Cord McCoy visits McQuay Stables and McCutcheon Reining Horses in TX.  
Great steads mean everything to people in the Western world, and "The Ride with Cord McCoy" looks into that during this episode. McCoy talks to reining horse professionals about the legacy of Colonels Smoking Gun (Gunner), one of the top sires in the industry that died July 8. He also visits Express Ranches, where he gives viewers a detailed look at the famous Express Clydesdales.  
As a world traveler, Cord McCoy has experienced much in his young lifetime. During trips to Australia, he learned about the equine sport campdrafting. Once he learned the sport had made its way to the United States, McCoy found a way to be there. His detailed lessons about the sport are the subject of this episode of "The Ride with Cord McCoy."  
Forrest Lucas makes no bones about it; he doesn't like the stories being told by radical animal rights groups. To counteract the lies he sees being authored, he has developed Protect The Harvest, an organization that combats the extremists' messages with grassroots efforts to educate people on the truths about animal welfare. His story, from being raised on a farm with little money to driving a truck for a living to creating the Lucas Oil Products empire, is told on the this episode of "The Ride with Cord McCoy."  
Willow Brook Farms has an amazing history in the equine business. C.T Fuller and his great stallion, Joe Cody, have been inducted into the halls of fame for the American Quarter Horse Association and the National Reining Horse Association, and Cord McCoy takes viewers on a little history lesson about the longstanding facility in Pennsylvania on this episode of "The Ride with Cord McCoy."  
For the last 25 years, Cord McCoy has been riding bucking animals. That's pretty good for a man that's just 33 years old. He made a name for himself doing so, earning five International Professional Rodeo Association championships, a berth to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and six qualifications to the Professional Bull Riders World Finals. In this episode, he takes a look back at his career with family and friends and announces his retirement from professional bull riding.  

2014 Season


Cord McCoy visits and rides with an inspirational cowgirl, Amberley Snyder. Logan Utah.    
In this episode of The Ride With Cord McCoy, Cord rides with NCHA cutter Scott Amos.  
The Ride with Cord McCoy visits Sycamore Springs Ranch. Cord visits with Owner Jerry Rush and highlights the exotic animal auction.  
In this episode of The Ride with Cord McCoy, Cord competes with his bulls at the ABBI World Finals at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Cord also attends the PBR Heroes and Legends event.  
In this episode of The Ride with Cord McCoy, Cord gives us the behind the scenes with PBR's entertainer Flint Rasmussen.  
In this episode of The Ride with Cord McCoy, Cord rides with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department's Mounted Unit. Cord learns about the training of their horses and sees them in action on the Las Vegas strip.  
In this episode of The Ride with Cord McCoy, Cord learns about ABBI's Back Seat Buckers. Find out how this program provides the opportunity for anyone to own a bucking bull.  
In this episode of The Ride with Cord McCoy, Cord learns about RFD TV's The American and visits with World Champion bull rider Justin McBride who is coming out of retirement to compete.  
Cord McCoy talks with miniature bull riders at the National Western Stock Show.  
Cord McCoy travels to Nebraska to visit the historic Pitzer Ranch.  
Cord McCoy learns about PFI Western Store.  
Cord McCoy rides with NRCHA trainer Corey Cushing. Cord talks to Corey about his training program and his NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity win on CD Diamond owned by the San Juan Ranch.  




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