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SweetPro Feeds of North Dakota and Kansas is the national leader in animal nutritional performance by utilizing Distillers Dried Grains (DDG) and Condensed Distillers Solubles (CDS) (instead of molasses) as a basis for both open range and feed lot vitamin, mineral and digestive aide supplementation.


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SweetPro Feeds of North Dakota and Kansas is the national leader in animal nutritional performance by utilizing Distillers Dried Grains (DDG) and Condensed Distillers Solubles (CDS) (instead of molasses) as a basis for both open range and feed lot vitamin, mineral and digestive aide supplementation.


Cow and calf photoThe Bottom Line: We understand that if you're raising cattle, you're running a business - your inputs must have the ability to turn into profits! SweetPro Feeds are designed to do just that! And they're safe for horses, too. For more information or to find a dealer near you, click on the logo at left above.



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EquiPride Pail photoEquiPride is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement in addition to being an effective digestive aide that improves the nutrient utilization of your horse's ration. EquiPride consists of a unique buffered blend of enzymes and prebiotics. These "prebiotics" help keep the probiotics in the hindgut healthy and balanced which minimizes the passage of undigested starch, thus drastically reducing the incidences of gastrointestinal problems including, but not limited to, colic, ulcers and laminitis. EquiLix is the free-choice lick version of EquiPride. EquiLix product photo


EquiPride and EquiLix work effectively for improved hoof health, hair coat, joint lubricity, feed utilization, circulation, reduction of gastric problems and much more. Both replace the need for malady-specific supplements by helping the horse's digestive system perform with maximized efficiency, utilizing live enzymes and prebiotics. When that happens and the nutrients in your horse's feed are used more efficiently, you may be able to decrease the forage you feed by as much as 25 percent. For more information on EquiPride and EquiLix or to find a dealer near you, click on the logos at left above.


For a dealer near you, go to www.sweetpro.com.


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LivestockShed.com is a livestock equipment supplier committed to excellence. Whether serving a first time customer or a long standing client, we ensure quality service in keeping with our dependable reputation.


Exceptional Customer service is a major factor in our philosophy. We understand the level of service and commitment necessary to maintain our company to customer relationships. We want our clients to be completely satisfied with every aspect of our business.


Our goal is to provide you with quality livestock equipment, supplies, accessories, and more.


Visit www.livestockshed.com for more information.


Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil  

Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil

Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil is an All NATURAL therapeutic treatment that treats soreness issues affecting the entire hoof. Developed by a Farrier, Farriers' Fix draws out soreness and toughens the entire hoof, from the coronary band to the sole and frog.


Farriers' Fix is effective in treating many basic foot problems: sore feet, feet that are too hard and brittle, feet that are too soft, thrush, quarter cracks, laminitis and white line disease.

In many cases horses that were suffering from stone bruises or were trimmed too short, are actually rideable the next day. This also applies to barefoot horses and ponies. It's an ideal treatment for horses that are racing, jumping and working on adverse surfaces.


Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil is different from other hoof oils because it has no petroleum or lacquer, so the hoof can breathe. Other products are petroleum or lacquer based and seal in or seal out moisture. Farriers' Fix is ideal because its natural ingredients penetrate the hoof capsule to balance the moisture content which is essential for a healthy hoof.


Top professionals from many disciplines actively use and recommend Farriers' Fix including: Aaron Ralston, McLain Ward, Beezie Madden, Anne Kursinski, Boyd Martin and Michael Wildenstein, CJF. Competitors can be assured that Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil has tested negative under FEI guidelines.


Visit www.farriersfix.com for more information.


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The Iconoclast® line of Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Equine Support Boots are set to revolutionize the way support boots are being made and used today. The entire line of Iconoclast® Boots were designed and endorsed by leading equine veterinarians and horsemen.


Learn more about these amazing support boots here.


Iconoclast Horse Support Boots can be purchased from Cow Horse Productions.


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CowTrac™ Mechanical Cow
The ultimate system for training your horse to work a cow, stop straight, improve roll backs and maintain proper position. Benefits:


  • Extend Usefulness of Your Cows

  • Lets You Focus on Position

  • Safe, Predictable Training Environment

  • Remote Control From Horseback

  • Weatherproof Steel Enclosure

  • Portable and Easy to Set Up


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SORE NO-MORE is a pleasant smelling, all-natural herbal equine/horse liniment containing arnica and other herbs in a witch hazel base. This cooling equine/horse liniment is world famous for its versatility of uses. It can be used under bandages, as a bath brace, as a massage liniment, with ice or heat packs, under tack and even with magnetic or ceramic therapy equipment.

SORE NO-MORE Liniment was voted Product of the Year Two Times byThe Horse Journal. The Horse Journal commented on SORE NO-MORE's incredible power to reduce swelling and ease overworked, tight, painful muscles. SORE NO-MORE is extremely gentle to the skin yet effective in pain relief.

Top professionals in every discipline of the equestrian industry have used SORE NO-MORE. It has been taken to the Olympic games since 1996 to be used on the U.S. Three-Day Eventing team, Endurance, Dressage and Grand Prix Jumping horses.


All disciplines, from the serious competitor to the pleasure rider, have discovered that the SORE NO-MORE equine/horse liniment line has proven its unique ability to be one of the gentlest yet extremely effective products on the market today. To learn more about SORE NO-MORE, visit their website.


Use coupon code PRP-75046 to receive 5% off your order of this great product.


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Greeley Hat Works

Originally dubbed Greeley Shining Parlors, Greeley Hat Works has been around since 1909 and now serves customers around the globe.


Run by Trent Johnson and family, Greeley Hat Works has built hats for former presidents (George H. W. Bush & George W. Bush), foreign dignitaries, movies such as "The Legend of Bagger Vance," and organizations including the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association, the Colorado Cattleman's Association, Colorado State University, and the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.


No matter how many organizations or celebrities Greeley Hat Works serves, they've known for a hundred years just how valuable each and every customer is.


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